Popularly known as a blogging platform, WordPress is a complete content management system that is used by users as a website and as a blog. With different themes and plugins along with various widgets to support the system.

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WordPress is an extremely easy to use blogging and content sharing platform. Owing to its flexibility, it has emerged as the most preferred platform to create your own website suiting the purpose or to simply write a blog and post content. Some of the features that has made WordPress a favourite for many of us are listed below:


  • Flexibility: WordPress allows the users to use the platform to create websites, blog, photo feature blog, portfolios for professionals, magazines or online communities. Based on the requirement, the website can be designed accordingly with different kinds of themes and plugins. Personalised applications can also be developed.


  • Publishing Tools: There are different tools that allow to create different types of drafts, revise the posts, choose to make a post public or private, schedule any publication and secure the posts with passwords.


  • Built-in Comments:Comments are an essential method to stay connected with the readers and receive feedback. It also gives the opportunity to stay engaged with the readers as they leave comments.


  • Simple Management: Since WordPress can be used to create websites for businesses or professionals to promote their profiles, there may be multiple users to manage the site. With WordPress, the authors can write, edit and post content, and administrators can manage the design and overall development and changes in the website.


  • Copyright the data: With the secured systems attached with WordPress, it is easy to protect the data that has been published on the website or the blog. There are times when due to disappearance of the server, the entire data gets lost. WordPress does not allow any other user access data from the back end.