Sports, is one such area which requires complete involvement of the physical body and mind. Over the span of time, sports, both indoor and outdoor, has advanced its formats and included different types of techniques that have made the sports more competitive and requires more physical and mental skills.

Information technology has contributed vastly towards creation of advanced levels of sporting formats and in the production of sporting gears and equipment that are used while playing the sport. Based on the basic knowledge about the sport, the IT professionals have worked towards designing newer and improved equipment, clothing and other necessary items that helps in the overall procedure of the sport.

One of the critical elements of being involved with sports is maintaining physical and mental fitness, and staying athletic. With the help of design technologies, sports and fitness equipment are now designed in formats that help in protecting the body against physical injuries, monitoring the overall progress of the athlete and providing results which help the coach and the fitness trainers to decide the type of sporting and fitness routine.
As for the sports gears, the designers now can explore options that are more suitable for climatic conditions, are durable, comfortable and flexible to wear. Even the sport equipment such as tennis or badminton rackets are now designed using high end technologies so that the sportsperson can use the most specialised equipments available and play more competitively.

Intercore Solutions has a team of experts who use different design and other technologies to develop products designs, websites and mobile apps related to the sports industry. Many of the clients prefer retailing their products online and reach out to more consumers across the country and with the services of Intercore Solutions, this has been possible for many of the clients.

The fashion and style industry is one sector where IT technology has contributed towards taking it to higher levels from merely designing clothes. Clothing is not limited to a certain brick and mortar store these days but has reached at the finger tip of a consumer. Today, consumers can access the clothing options in a mobile device, check the details and then either buy online or choose to check the same at the store nearby. This has, undoubtedly, thrown a big challenge to the designers as well as the retailers to introduce more options for the consumers.

Gone are the days when consumers would walk up to a store to check the catalogues, the clothes kept on the display and then decide to buy what they want to wear. With the growth in the industry and taking fashion and design as a career for many aspirants, the consumers are given access to different types of clothing, designs, sizes and materials. Consumers can now access information about designers and their work in social media, digital devices and online magazines. Intercore Solutions offers assistance in designing and developing websites and mobile apps for the designers and the retailers to help consumers access to all kinds of clothing products.

Technology has enabled designers to design their websites, display their work profiles digitally and enable consumers to choose from the exclusive collections. For the retailers, the most impactful result has been the sale of products both online and on ground. With technology, consumers are allowed to choose, shop and get the product delivered within a definite time. This has helped the retailers and manufacturers to manage their inventory better and place orders as per requirement. Social media channels have made it more convenient for the consumers to learn about new trends and products while the retailers and designers find it more convenient to market their products within limited budget.