A major element that is kept in mind while developing a mobile website is the cross-browser environment. This must be developed carefully to ensure that the user can access the same website across different browsers that is uploaded in the mobile device. For the same, developers create websites without any browser-specific features to avoid problems, and if in case, the features are required, the same features present in the other browsers are checked and tested for implementation.

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce has become a way of earning more business for the merchants and for establishing an online business entity, one requires a powerful and aesthetically designed ecommerce portal. Intercore Solutions has a team of highly qualified web designers who understands the requirements of the client, the products to be sold and the best platform to design the website. The solutions may vary from business to business website, business to consumer and consumer to consumer. Depending on the type of the business, the website is designed accordingly.
Magento remains one of the most reliable, functional and robust technological platforms backing ecommerce sites. Developers can duly leverage their knowledge of Magento by crafting highly functional shopping cart systems that turn out to be extremely handy for online stores and Ecommerce websites. Besides functionally the ecommerce sites based on .
The WordPress developers have the convenience of using different features that makes it easier for them to develop the websites or blogs in a more effective manner. It is easier to create and incorporate the plugins in the APIs and these plugins can be hosted in the plugin repository of the WordPress. The developers also can create themes based on the requirements and demands of the clients and the customers. Themes, both simple and complex, can be created and used. These themes can be saved in the Theme Repository for others to use.
Intercore Solutions offers businesses of all sizes the right technical assistance required for growth. With our highly compelling web designing and development services, we have already set benchmark of enterprise development and seek further laurels in future The e-commerce sites, on the other hand, offer consumers the chance to access products without having to step out of their homes.




IOS development features prominently in the portfolio of Intercore Solutions. We can help your brand create a lasting impression on iPhone users, by crafting highly user-friendly and dynamic apps. Get in touch with us to get details of our capabilities and find out how we can help you remain at the forefront of the “mobile” web space. Our team of enterprising developers is more than eager to collaborate with your brand.

Iphone App

Are you looking for reliable iPhone App developers to enhance your “mobile” visibility? If yes, then please make sure you’re getting in touch with developers at Intercore Solutions. The services of our developers are backed by complete knowledge of iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit). Trust us to design highly attractive apps that perfectly comply with your business requirements. These apps are not only easy to use but come with unparalleled technical support as well.

Ipad App

Apple has carved a niche for itself in the market – not only because it is unanimously endorsed by celebs all over the world but also because it has managed to produce applications with highly advanced and fascinating features. As far as the audio visual media is concerned, it will not really be an exaggeration to claim that Apple has paved the way for more refined.


The introduction of Android App Development has actually brought about drastic changes in the focus of IT firms. It was not even a decade ago when software development made for the only source of earning for the IT firms. However, as customers sought increased convenience of accessing the internet and making online purchases, while on the go, the need for mobile app development took center stage.

Windows Phone

Android, Windows and iOS are the three most popular operating systems backing smartphones.Business owners understand that having a purposeful website is not sufficient anymore. They have to guarantee a more user-friendly experience to buyers if they want to stay afloat in the business. An app is considered more user friendly than a website because an app can be downloaded but a website cannot be.