Interested in php and mysql web development?

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PHP and MySQL are two powerful technological frameworks employed to create websites. When these two different attributes work in conjunction with each other, resulting in PHP MySql developers can end up creating highly purposeful and dynamic web pages.

PHP and MySql web development often ends up backing the most interactive web pages that one may come across on the internet. A few of the notable merits of web pages with Php/Mysql as their base are:

  • Multi browser support
  • Compatibility with a wide array of operating systems
  • The designing and content parts can be maintained separately
  • Runs smoothly on IIS and Apache
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multiple database support

While PHP development remains one of the most preferred languages used by developers to create user-friendly web pages, Mysql makes for a reliable database management program, most popularly utilized in combination with PHP. It is an extraordinary Relational Database Management System which backs flat files for easy modifications in the database, as well.

A database is a structure that comes in two flavors: a flat database and a relational database. A relational database is much more oriented to the human mind and is often preferred over the flat database that are just stored on hard drives like a text file. MySQL is a relational database.

Both MySQL and PHP are open source software and are available free for installation and use. Anyone can access the source code without really violating copyrights or getting embroiled in infringement issues. And, what more? The source code can be customized by you as per your requirement including use, reuse and distribution.

Perhaps the only so-called drawback of these languages is that the creation of websites (with the help of these frameworks) requires the skills of highly experienced developers. If you’re looking forward to maximize your business potential with the help of Php/MySql based websites then get in touch with professionals at Intercore Solutions.

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