At Intercore Solutions, our mobile website design team of IT professionals develop the mobile websites based on the characteristics of the devices from where the website will be accessed. This is significant for the design process since the screen size may vary depending on the mobile device. Another factor that is considered is that that the screen orientation is automatically fixed between a landscape and a portrait based on how the user is using the device. These devices have touch screens to allow users to share any input. For the same, the professionals work with DOM Touch Events that helps the mobile developer and designers to put up buttons or other input enabled items. As for the small screened devices, the designers prefer working with Responsive Web Design that enables the website to adapt the layout according to the device being used for viewing.

mobile web design

For most of the clients, the web services and solutions have now extended towards development of mobile websites alongside the corporate or the basic website. A mobile website is a website accessed on a browser on the mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A major element that is kept in mind while developing a mobile website is the cross-browser environment. This must be developed carefully to ensure that the user can access the same website across different browsers that is uploaded in the mobile device. For the same, developers create websites without any browser-specific features to avoid problems, and if in case, the features are required, the same features present in the other browsers are checked and tested for implementation.

The mobile website, after development, is tested across mobile devices and on different browsers to check whether it can be viewed properly before launching for use.

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