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Our custom Joomla development services are used by companies throughout the world.

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We employ experienced Joomla developers to develop websites and other applications for all types of clients. Joomla has been rated as the most popular choice website software since it is an open source solution that can be accessed and used by everyone.

Joomla is used for various web development applications.  Joomla is mostly used for content management systems (CMS). A CMS is an integral part of the web development process. This is a type of software that helps in keeping track of the content uploaded on the website, similar to a library that has a list of the books added and stored. The CMS can allow different types of content including text articles, images, videos, music or simple slideshows with images. A CMS can be managed by any professional who has the basic knowledge about web development. The idea here is to upload content as per requirement and access them in the front end.

Many of Intercore Solutions’ clients are small and medium business entities which require a simple website with the basic information about their products and services. For such clients, the web developers use Joomla to develop the basic corporate websites and train the clients to use the CMS as per their convenience. Apart from the corporate websites, Joomla is also used for developing intranets and extranets, ebooks, online magazines and other publications, eCommerce portals and websites for booking online reservations, personal websites, school websites, community serve portals and many more.

Joomla also allows different kinds of extensions to be added that are available in the Joomla Extensions Directory as per requirement. The web developers at Intercore Solutions create the website and train the clients to use and manage the CMS on their own. However, they are always available for any kind of technical support whenever asked for.

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