Intercore Solutions has huge experience in developing Java applications.  We offer a wide range of Java development services. These include Java web application development services, Java website development, Java Applet development, Java product development, Java application programming and much more.

java developer

One of the most widely used software programming language and also a platform, Java is an extremely high level, secured and robust programming language used by Intercore Solutions. Java, as a programming language, is used on different types of platforms ranging from super computers to mobile devices such as desktop applications (antivirus or media player), web applications (, different banking applications, smart cards, gaming applications, robotics and other embedded systems.

Java programming is mainly used to create different types of applications including web applications, mobile applications, standalone applications and enterprise applications. Java programming language is used to create web applications in the form of dynamic pages running on the server. At present, java is used for creating struts, jsp and other technologies. Java is used for creating applications that are used in the smartphones and other mobile devices. In case of standalone applications, Java is used for creation of applications that are installed in every desktop or Windows based machines such as the media players, antivirus or anti spyware and malware software applications. As for the enterprise applications, the types of applications that are developed have the advantages of being highly secured, clustered and manages load balancing.

Features such as object-oriented programming, secured, high performance, distributed, dynamic, simple, independent of platforms, robust, interpreted, architecture neutral, portable and multi-threaded make Java programming language the most favored one.

The Java developers at Intercore Solutions work with the latest version of Java in order to ensure that the applications are improved, perform better and are stable and secure to use.