Looking for an ASP.Net Developer? Well look no further. Intercore Solutions uses ASP.NET, which is one of the most widely used web development platforms. This platform is recommended since it offers a programming model and an exhaustive software alongside other services that helps in creating an infrastructure to develop complete web applications for computers and mobile devices.

A part of Microsoft’s .NET platform, ASP.NET applications are usually a set of codes that are written and compiled with the use of extensible components from the .NET framework. These codes are known to use the hierarchy of classes that are used in .NET framework. The application codes of ASP.NET are written using programming languages, namely C#, J#, Visual Basic.Net, and Jscript.

The basic concept of using ASP.NET is to produce an interactive as well as data rich web application. This kind of programming will enable a web application to include controls like buttons for selection, text boxes, and different kinds of labels for the purpose of assembling, to configure and to manipulate the codes in order to develop a HTML page.

The web forms of ASP.NET works on HTTP protocol using its commands and the various policies in order to set a bilateral communication between the browser and the server. The browser works towards submitting a web format to the server which in turn responds with a HTML page. The inputs from the clients or rather the user activities are put forward to the server for processing. Since HTTP is a stateless protocol, the framework of ASP.NET works towards storing the information in either a Page state (state of the client with input fields in web form) or a Session state (collective input from different pages visited). The server is made aware of the entire application and is designed to work accordingly.

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