Android App Development remains one of the most popular operating systems to have taken the mobile market by storm, right alongside iOS. If iOS (from Apple) is the proverbial hotcake among celebs, then Android (backed by Google) is the favorite platform of youngsters in general. Google has been prudent enough to realize that the only way to face the challenge thrown at by Apple (once again, iPhones are a favorite among celebs and general high-paying group), is to tap the younger generation by backing smartphones with modest, as well as high price ranges.

The introduction of Android Development has actually brought about drastic changes in the focus of IT firms. It was not even a decade ago when software development made for the only source of earning for the IT firms. However, as customers sought increased convenience of accessing the internet and making online purchases, while on the go, the need for mobile app development took center stage.

Android Developer

It doesn’t matter which kind of business you’re conducting at the present time, whether it is entertainment, amusement, utility or sports, you should be serious enough to consider investing in Android app development. The Android Developer you’re zeroing in on, should be adept at developing visually appealing apps tailor made for your specific apps.

Intercore Solutions guarantees unrivaled expertise in Android development. Thanks to our enviable domain know how, our Android Developers have been successful in garnering positive reputation in the market.Our native Android application development services ensure that your app is optimized for speed, performance, look and feel on devices running different flavors of Android.

We infuse the platform’s DNA into your app. It’s more than building off the Android skeleton. Our Android app developers design your app with the core qualities and capabilities of Android in mind. The result is an app that Is seamless, streamlined and designed to provide performance, power and offer a high quality user experience.

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